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With our fleet of vehicles we provide operational vehicle lease to organisations, thereby helping the achieve financial and operational focus on their core business objectives.
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Full diagnosis of automobile faults using advanced-technology equipment.
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Who We Are

Auto Spa Ltd is a technology-enabled automobile workshop with enhanced capacity to cater for after-sale maintenance and repair needs of modern vehicles in Nigeria.

Our Philosophy

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and strive for excellence and to deliver highest quality products and services at all times.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to foster an organizational culture of customer orientation that treats every customer with respect and consideration.

Our Mission

Our Mision is to reflect our aspiration for long term working relationships with every customer through efficient and quality services.

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Dangers of a coolant leak on your vehicle

When coolant leaks, it can create all sorts of problems for the car owner. Coolant can be spotted in plain sight. It usually starts to puddle on the ground. It is neon in brightness and yellow or green in color. Here are several dangers in not diagnosing and fixing a...
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Standard Checklist for Vehicle owners and Drivers.

To ensure your safety while commuting in the New Year we came up with a list of checks that must should be carried out on your vehicle before use. EXTERNAL VEHICLE CONDITION Condition of vehicle bodywork, windscreen, windows, lights Condition of windscreen wiper...
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How to Properly Disconnect Your Vehicle’s Battery

Disconnecting your battery terminals could very well be an easy task. It’s all a matter of unfastening the bolts that keep the cables secure onto the battery terminals, right? Unfortunately, there is a proper way to do it. You don’t just disconnect the very first...
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Proper Engine Air Filter Maintenance.

The efficient operation of your engine is quite dependent on the excellent mixture of air and fuel. And for this, it is very important to make sure that the air being sucked into your car’s engine does not contain any debris, particulate matter, or any other...
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Simple vehicle maintenance tips part 1.

Simple vehicle maintenance tips part 1. Corrosion puts added strain on your charging system and can mess with computer-controlled systems. Cleaning is your cheapest insurance against electrical problems. Coolant doesn't last forever. You have to change it every 24,000...
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Maintaining Your Car at 100,000 Miles: Key Items to Replace at This Maintenance Interval

These days people are keeping their cars longer than ever before. In fact, according to the latest statistics , the average car on the road is now almost 11 years old. There are several reasons for this statistic. However the most obvious reason is the fact that the...
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Engine Overheating; here is why and what to do about it.

Engines get so hot under normal driving conditions that there is an entire system dedicated to cooling them down. That’s because an engine overheating will cause problems and even complete engine failure. Instead of shelling out thousands of naira and enduring a lot...
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Three factors are responsible for how often your vehicle's oil should be changed. Changing your oil is largely dependent on the type of vehicle when in doubt always refer to your vehicle manual, as it is the ultimate guide you need. Oil change depends to a large...
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Generally, the first aid treatment to an overheating car is to turn on the heat in your car. This is meant to help move the hot air out of the engine compartment. Next is to call Auto Spa Limited Mr Fix it immediately 08189742614 . Ignoring the problem can cause your...
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How to prevent rats from breeding in your vehicle.

Rodents are everywhere, and they can invade your vehicle to do considerable damage. They can find your car, decide it is a safe place to make a nest and a handy site to store food. If you can discourage them you may win the battle. There are dozens of techniques used...
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Standard Brake Bleeding Methods.

PEDAL BLEEDING This is also referred to as "two person method". Here one person pumps the brake while the other bleeds the brake line at the same time.   PRESSURE BLEEDING This is commonly known as the "one person method". It is also considered faster and easier....
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Quick and easy way to get dust off your car.

Water Pressure: Water pressure is one sure means of washing the dust off the surface of your vehicle. But using water pressure alone will not be enough. the pressure from the water will remove the dust but you can also follow this up by folding a clean microfiber...
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How to repair a leaking windshield seal

A leaking windshield brings great discomfort to the owner of a vehicle. As it might lead to the damage of electronic equipment in the vehicle. Needless to say, a leaking windshield is pose some dangers to a vehicle. A leaking windshield is caused by  a lot of factors...
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Ways to improve your Vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

So we dug up this few tips to encourage you to find ways to help conserve the little fuel you are able to purchase. Here they are: Grade Your Engine Oil Enough engine oil equals less or minimal consumption of fuel and thickens your engine for lower fuel consumption....
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Benefits of Regular Tire Rotation

As one of the most reliable Automobile repair shop in Abuja we recommend believe that ensuring a regular tire rotation is very important as part of vehicle maintenance. While this may not sound like a big issue, these are several reasons why you cannot afford to...
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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Power Steering Pump.

Power Steering problems can be surprisingly frustrating. Like many luxuries in life, once you get used to them being there, they start to feel more like requirements than luxuries. If you’ve ever suddenly lost power steering in your vehicle, then you know exactly what...
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How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Vehicle’s Tire

Vehicle maintenance can sometimes be expensive that is why as a motorist you should have an understanding of some basic vehicle maintenance tips. Due to the Nigerian Economy a lot of people are shifting to the use of fairly used tyres. Getting a new tyre could turn...
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A wheel bearing works with the tire and hub to ensure a smooth ride. If it goes bad or missing, friction will be placed on the wheel, which will in turn start to wobble. How Will You Notice A Faulty Wheel Bearing? The most common symptom is a loud noise coming from...
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How to Find an Oil Leak in Your Car

An oil leak can lead to high oil consumption, waste of money and serious engine damage when not caught in time. But trying to confirm or find the source of a leak can take you hours sometimes, specially with plastic covers bolted around engine and transmission...
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When your vehicle begin to overheat even while idling this is an obvious indication that one of the components responsible for keeping the engine cool is not functioning properly for an engine to overheat in the first place. Today we will be looking at some of the...
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