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A wheel bearing works with the tire and hub to ensure a smooth ride. If it goes bad or missing, friction will be placed on the wheel, which will in turn start to wobble.

How Will You Notice A Faulty Wheel Bearing? The most common symptom is a loud noise coming from the tire/wheel like a metal grinding on metal. It gets louder as the car goes faster.

Another symptom is with the steering wheel feeling loose and wobbling excessively. Now when you cannot control the steering and your tires are wearing faster than they are supposed to, you should start considering taking your vehicle to an Auto Mechanic workshop to get it fixed because a bad wheel bearing deals a lot of blow to the tires more than you can imagine.

Worse still, it is usually an uneven wear. So you begin to see these signs in your tires, among other checks, check the wheel bearing.

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Try not to drive your vehicle till it is fixed when you notice any of these signs of a bad wheel bearing. The wheel can fall of while in motion. Because if any complication arises from the wheel while you are on  the high way it would put you and any other occupant of your car in  a very dangerous situation. If you experience any of these signs, please get it checked and fixed. Your safety should come first.