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When coolant leaks, it can create all sorts of problems for the car owner. Coolant can be spotted in plain sight. It usually starts to puddle on the ground. It is neon in brightness and yellow or green in color. Here are several dangers in not diagnosing and fixing a coolant leak.


If your coolant begins to leak from your car and you allow it to drain fully because you have not noticed the leak, you could cause your car to overheat.

Blowing a Head Gasket

Along with overheating, your car may blow a head gasket when the coolant runs dry. This type of problem is extremely expensive to repair and should be avoided by surveying your car frequently.

Melting the Engine Block

Coolant is responsible for cooling the car’s parts and components, relative to the engine. As the coolant leaks and becomes low in the reservoir, the engine is no longer being cooled effectively. When this happens, the worst case scenario of a danger you may encounter is the melting of the engine block. Not only will you be without your car, but you will have to dig into your pocket for this expensive repair.

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