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Water Pressure: Water pressure is one sure means of washing the dust off the surface of your vehicle. But using water pressure alone will not be enough. the pressure from the water will remove the dust but you can also follow this up by folding a clean microfiber towel until its wet, then wring it out and fold it into quarters, use this to  dry up the already wet car surface.

Use Paint Lubricant: Put three squirts on your microfiber towel. work it into the microfiber cloth. Wipe the car down in straight lines, wringing it out and reapplying lubricant (three squirts!) afterwards. Change towel when you notice it is getting dirty.

Be careful when it comes to the brakes. Brake dust can be extremely sharp and can scratch off paints. So do not use the same towel for both brake areas and the body of the car.

If you have been following us, you will know that we have posted something like this before. So for more details about this quick clean, you can easily check out our previous post on that.

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Having said that, Let us have a dust free week!